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We are stoked to announce the release of Crown Sound, a future reggae/dancehall mix concocted by Harlem's own Dollar Bin. Here's a little back story on how we connected with the undisputed King of Styles. A few months back, we hosted a pop-up/live printing event with the good folks at ICNY. The day was in full swing when Dollar, a close associate of HDee (Riots and Roses boss and Alumni team member—#secretlykilling), asked to throw down a quick set, to which the DJ on duty gladly agreed to. What followed was 30 minutes of forward funk that touched on every bass-heavy genre imaginable, and needless to say, we were impressed. And naturally, when we decided to release a mix to commemorate the untouchable Labor Day celebration that the neighborhood puts on every September, Dollar came up as our top choice. 

Crown Sound is everything we envisioned the mix to be—a high-energy, fast-paced blend of updated reggae/dancehall sitting on top of Dollar's signature low-end work. We peppered in sound bites from some of our favorite customers (big ups to Spooks and the Jamaican lady looking for shoes for her son) for that local touch and called in a favor from our international connect Rarebirth for the cover, and bong, bong! Here is the final product: 



This Saturday (August 30th, 2014), we are releasing physical copies of the mix and celebrating the occasion with an appearance from Dollar himself. Essentic's Nak will serve additional tunes, while JKey will stay busy on the mic. On top of that, we'll have free booze courtesy of Shaolin's finest, Flagship Brewing Company. Complex is right, we're going to turn up. It's going to be real. See you then! 


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