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South Korean streetwear brand, Buried Alive (@buriedalive_official) was founded in 2009 by Jayass Kim, inspired by the horror flick of the same name. Alluding to the emotional sensitivity of the ’80s skate and punk rock culture, Buried Alive utilizes a dynamic selection of artwork and graphics to produce a unique underground lifestyle label.

Exclusively available in the U.S. through Alumni in very, very limited quantities.

Styling by@hd2e, as always.

Hat: @buriedalive_official BA Hand Ballcap

Jacket: @buriedalive_official Good Will Satin Jacket

Sneakers: @diadoraofficial S8000 NYL | $210

Hat: @buriedalive_official 15 Logo Ballcap

Jacket: @buriedalive_official 15 Checkers Hoodie

Hat: @hrs_newyork Creatif Baseball Cap | $35

Jacket: @buriedalive_official OG Logo Pullover Hoodie

Sneakers: @reebokclassics World Best OG | $100


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