ALUMNI x Clarks Originals Dancehall Pack Release

ALUMNI x Clarks Originals Dancehall Pack Release

On August 26th, 2023, we hosted Clarks Originals for the release of their Dancehall Pack, paying tribute to the nation that warmly embraced Clarks' iconic footwear. 

The celebration at ALUMNI Crown Heights happened during the time of year when the culture of the West Indies is celebrated all throughout NYC.

It's a time when Crown Heights and the surrounding West Indian neighborhoods come alive with culture through parades, block parties, and various events that celebrate West Indian culture.

Our celebration featured rum provided by Chairman's Reserve and Bounty, patties with coco bread from Branch Patty, jerk chicken dishes from C' Marty's Jerk Chicken, design by Spliffington that was featured on the photo booth, tees and bandanas, and a Dancehall soundtrack spinning throughout the evening courtesy of Wifi OG, Ayanna Heaven, and Danglez.

Since the 1960s, Clarks Originals have stood as a staple in Caribbean culture, closely intertwined with Dancehall culture.

The Dancehall Pack is a high-energy lineup, featuring rich, buttery leathers and premium suedes, drawing inspiration from the colorful vintage clothing worn at the island's dancehalls.

Thanks to everyone who came out and had a good time. Our goal is always to bring our communities together, and the ALUMNI x Clarks Originals Dancehall Pack release provided the perfect opportunity.

Photography by Elvin Abril.

Video by Stü Pot Productions