Celebrating Lunar New Year with Welcome to Chinatown

This Lunar New Year, we teamed up with Welcome to Chinatown to show love to some of our favorite Chinatown businesses: 12 Pell, Grand Tea & Imports, Kam Hing Coffee Shop, Mee Sum Cafe.

Through Lunar New Year celebrations and beyond, Alumni of NY will be donating half of all proceeds from our in-house collection to Welcome to Chinatown's Longevity Fund to support and protect small businesses in Manhattan's Chinatown. 


12 Pell

12 Pell is more than a barbershop. They take grooming and personal care to a high art, cultivating a sense of luxury and leisure in a beautiful space. Home of the "best slice in the city."


Grand Tea & Imports

While Grand Tea & Imports is best known for its teas (we recommend the Tangerine Pu-erh Tea), the beautiful shop also has red envelopes with gold foil for gifts of money, luck and prosperity in the Lunar New Year.


Kam Hing Coffe Shop

Kam Hing is best known for its sponge cakes and for good reason. They're airy and light and melt in your mouth. Perfect with a coffee or milk tea.


Mee Sum Cafe

Definitely check out Mee Sum Cafe at 26 Pell Street. Start off with milk tea or coffee. You have to get wontons welcome a year of wealth. Then move on to a bowl of noodles to symbolize health and longevity. Wrap it up with Taishan Style Sticky Rice Wrap for prosperity.


Our City’s beauty is in the people who live here, who work here, who make New York City, New York City. 

Shop local. Show love to New York City. Show love to Chinatown.



Apparel: Alumni of NY
Videography: @zachhan_
Photography: @stephnhan
Video Voiceover: @tingsquarepants
Producers: @tingsquarepants @madnames