On Cloudmonster NYC: Run Together with JP Florez & World's Fair Run Crew

On Cloudmonster NYC: Run Together with JP Florez & World's Fair Run Crew

The NYC Marathon experience is the two million spectators across the five boroughs who are cheering for the elite pro-athletes to the everyday runner making their effort at their first marathon. The NYC marathon is a citywide participation and experience made possible by not just the runners but also those that support the main event. The local stories are very much apart of the marathon as with the actual runners. These pieces of New York “run together” on the first Sunday of November every year. Alumni has reached out to communities that directly and indirectly participate in the annual NYC marathon to tell their authentic stories on their experiences.

World's Fair Run Crew and Alumni have been partners since 2020 to provide a local community hub for the Flushing and Queens runners. Alumni spent the day in Flushing, Queens with JP Florez, captain of the World's Fair Run Crew touching on what it's like to train for the marathon with the crew for the first episode of a three part series.

Patience. Having patience with yourself, having patience with the run, you're gonna get there eventually...

The On Cloudmonster NYC will be available at the four year anniversary celebration event for World's Fair Run Crew at Alumni Flushing on October 27th. 

Producer: Hikalu Jane Takahashi

Creative Director: Ribo Azumaya

Director of Photography: Maksim Axelrod

B-Cam Operator: Julian Watanabe-Neis

Editor: Julian Watanabe-Neis

Colorist: Joe D’Aleo

Photographer: Nao Fukui

Photo Assistant: Dominic Lorenzo

Production Assistant: Michael Stewart