Put Me On: Goldfinger Track Club

Put Me On: Goldfinger Track Club

Goldfinger Track Club (GFTC) was founded in 2016 by Jerry Francois. What began as one of New York's fastest track teams  has evolved into one of the most welcoming, supportive, and familial running groups out there. We spoke with Jerry about what running means to him and how Goldfinger Track Club serves local communities. 

How do you spend your time?

I’m a running coach, community leader and a full time dad.

Why do you do it?

Simple. I do it because I love having the opportunity to help people grow mentally and physically. Using the power of running has allowed me to open up many doors to do so much more. Giving me a voice to speak my mind and help people understand. To feel what it is to be great in everything you do. Also, to have the freedom to make your own schedule and make time for family, friends and mental health. That’s the best feeling ever: working for yourself and doing what you are passionate about - not working on someone else’s passion. 

How can people join or support Goldfinger Track Club? 

Check out www.GFTC.nyc website to join our membership run club or hire me as your private coach. Follow us on all social media platforms and don’t be afraid to get involved in ways more important than dollars. Money is a way to support but being present is even more effective. With more bodies, resources, and funds, I’ll be able to do so much more for my community and my family, and that’s all I ever wanted to do: HELP everyone. 

Join Goldfinger Track Club on their Community Runs every Thursday night.