The On Cloudsurfer: Making Waves In Our Communities

The On Cloudsurfer: Making Waves In Our Communities

ALUMNI, On, Rage and Release, and the World's Fair Run Crew brought together runners of their communities for a 4 mile group run at our Flatbush and Flushing locations.

The community was invited to run with WFRC and R&R, party at ALUMNI, and MAKE WAVES in the new On Cloudsurfer.

The event was an opportunity for everyone to come together and share their passions for running and wellness. 

The ability to work alongside the running communities of Brooklyn and Queens is something we value here at ALUMNI. From hosting weekly runs, to featuring diverse and creative personalities, we continue to build and maintain relationships in the running community.

World's Fair Run Crew currently conducts weekly runs from the ALUMNI Flushing location while Rage and Release have frequent wellness sessions at various locations throughout Brooklyn.

Thank you to everyone that came out! Experience the On Cloudsurfer at ALUMNI's Flatbush, Flushing and Crown Heights locations. To see the On Cloudsurfer in action, check out World's Fair Run Crew and Rage and Release taking it to the streets HERE. Event photography by Dave Hashim.