WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH | Angie and Maria Calle

Angie Calle is a member of World's Fair Run Crew @worldsfairruncrew, our friends and running partners. Her mother, Maria Calle, has been making and selling food since she was 7 while living in Ecuador.

Angie and Maria Calle

Over three decades ago, she moved to the United States and settled in New York City and has been selling Ecuadorian street food at 104th Street and Roosevelt Avenue, now a destination for foodies.

Maria Calle - Tripa Mishqui

Maria’s specialty is tripa mishqui—or grilled tripe—that’s recognized by locals for its deep charcoaled flavor and not having any hint of gamy aftertaste.

Maria Calle - Tripa Mishqui

Only available on weekends, we highly recommend you to pay her a visit.

Maria Calle - Tripa Mishqui

For Women's History Month, we want to celebrate Ms. Calle and the immigrant women whose work and love make New York all that it is.

Video: Zach Han
Photo: Stephen Han
Production: Michael Stewart