Y-3 Spring/Summer 2024

Y-3 Spring/Summer 2024

Continuing adidas and Yohji Yamamoto’s renegade exploration of elevated sportswear, Y-3’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection focuses on the concept of Contra-Natural – a world in which the duality between the organic and the synthetic produces unexpected beauty. With visceral juxtaposition as its ethos, the collection offers a nod to the delicately poised tension at the heart of the Y-3 brand: adidas’ legacy of sporting innovation coming together with Yohji Yamamoto’s elegant, avant garde, aesthetic philosophy.

From concept to execution, the ideological collision of the natural and the artificial manifests in a bold, collection-wide, color palette. The brand’s signature pantones are all present – Y-3 Black, Solid Gray, and White – but this season they’re complimented with Clay Brown, Mesa, Shadow Red, and Mint. Staying true to the collection’s thematic impetus, the quartet of new colors takes inspiration from the process of oxidation, with nature taking over metal, turning rusty burgundy into an acidic mint.

Illuminating the launch of Spring/Summer 2024 Chapter 1 is an evocative campaign that dynamically captures strength and community through the eyes of London’s Bugeisha Club – an international collective of women and non-binary people with mixed Asian heritage who daringly merge unbridled creative energy with athletic prowess.

Shot by Erika Kamano, with moving imagery directed by Francis Plummer and styling from Robbie Spencer, the seasonal narrative evokes a story of composure, poise, and restraint through the synergy of body, mind, spirit, and community.

Spotlighting the tension between fluid movement and rigorous discipline, the coming together of highly creative and determined individuals features four of Bugeisha Club’s leading figures – Mana Kimura–Anderson, Becky Tun Pe, April Gunawardena, Lara Swift – adorned in the Y-3 Spring/Summer 2024 Chapter 1 collection.

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