Alumni Email Order Instructions for Nike / Air Jordan / Limited Releases

Direct website checkouts will not be honored for Nike / Air Jordan / limited release products and will be canceled immediately if attempted.

If you would like to purchase products from these brands please follow the instructions below. 

Please indicate the following in the email form provided on product pages:

  • Product Name
  • Size
  • Color
  • PayPal e-mail
  • Shipping Address

Orders missing any of the above information will be ignored. 

- Limit 1 per customer.
- Please note, an email order request does not guarantee purchase.
- If the item you requested is in stock, we will invoice you via PayPal.
- Upon successful completion of the transaction, we will ship out the item.
- In an item is no longer available, you will not receive a response.
- Credit card / PayPal billing address must match the provided shipping address.
- Domestic orders ship via UPS.
- International orders ship via USPS.