ALUMNI 2023 Spring/Summer Lookbook Part Two
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ALUMNI 2023 Spring/Summer Lookbook Part Two

For part two of the ALUMNI 2023 Spring/Summer Lookbook, Alumni has worked with New York and Tokyo based art collective GOLDWOOD ARTWORKS led by Meguru Yamaguchi and artists: Hiroki Irie, Rihomi Sato, Takuya Hirano, and Sean Lai with photography by Ryuta Hironaga.

With a diverse range in practices stemming from street to abstract, the group represents ideas from within the subcultures surrounding the artists.

Located in Brooklyn, GOLDWOOD ARTWORKS publishes limited publications, editions, merch and special projects, and has partnered with brands like Billionaire Boys Club, HUF, The X-Games and Oakley.

Ryuta Hironaga captured our afternoon with Meguru and his assistants at GOLDWOOD ARTWORKS. Ryuta Hironaga is a Brooklyn based photographer from Kumamoto, Japan. 

Styling selects include items from KapitalSuicoke Engineered GarmentsSamuel ZeligVansNikeMaison MIHARA YASUHIRONeedlesSalomonOur LegacyConverseBeams+, and By Parra.

We've asked the artists some questions to get some insight into what their inspirations are and how they navigate their life in NYC.

1. Please tell us your name. 2. Where are you from originally? Did this place inspire you to create? 3. Why do you create art? What is your motivation or inspiration for creating? 4. What are your three favorite tools? 5. Where are your three favorite places in NYC? Why? 6. Please tell us about current personal projects that you are working on. 7. How can we find you or contact you?

HIROKI IRIE 1. Hiroki Irie 2. I’m from Hayama-town in Japan. I think growing up in Hayama inspired me a lot and made me who I am today. When I was a kid, I was mostly hanging out in  nature. During the summer season we would dive into the ocean and catch sea shells and octopus by hand and grill it right after on the beach. 3. I think language is complicated and sometimes I feel like it’s difficult to express my feelings or my emotions through the words. My inspiration to create definitely comes from nature and whatever is happening in the streets. 4. Godox V1, Yashika T4, blur brush 5. (1) the rooftop of my friends family house in Soho – I can see the best views of NYC and the beautiful sunset from there. It's also a private roof top for the residents, so I have never seen anybody else there and I can be alone with the best views. (2) around Essex and Delancey St – I’ve seen so many characters around that area, this is the one of the best places to talk to strangers and photograph them. (3) Ornithology Jazz Club – I love the space and the vibes there. It’s a great place to be alone and think about things. 6. I’m working on the photo series about the filters that humans have with other people through the information that they can catch from their eyes. 7. @irie._._

RIHOMI SATO 1. Rihomi Sato 2. I’m from Tokyo, Japan. Definitely, yes! I’ve been receiving many influences from Tokyo and NYC life and people. 3. We are sometimes faced with emotions, sensations and moments that cannot be expressed or explained in words. For me, making art is a language for communicating, sharing and documenting those emotions with others. 4. Note, Pencil, Oil stick 5. Prospect park (feeding the turtles. one day I saw a giant turtle in the lake!), Jacob Riis Beach (it's a very quiet beach), Chinatown (so much great food!) 6. I’m working on series of paintings about "couple” and “partner“ and what it means for us. 7. @rihomisato

SEAN OZEKI 1. My name is Sean. I’m half Japanese half Taiwanese. 2. Both Taiwan and Japan inspired me a lot in my music, fashion, artistic taste. Taiwan has more of a ubiquitous taste in fashion and music whereas in Japan I am able to interact with the mainstream and underground artists and fashion at the same time. 3. Creating art for me is to meet more people in my life. To share my preferences in all art/ fashion/ music is my motto of creating art. Growing up being fluent in three languages, I am able to connect with things that my friends were not able to and what I do is to share those things with them in a form that makes sense. 4. I love using pencil knife: to modify the flaws of the art piece. A paint knife is a lovely tool to get to the narrow edges than a brush can't. A spray can is not an expected tool until I try it out with different caps and I love being surprised. 5. (1) Flushing is where I found things familiar like home in this big city. I came to the states when I was 18 so an Asian environment has a deeper root in me. It’s basically my comfort zone, so I visit Flushing 3 times a week. (2) Basement NY on Flushing Ave, Maspeth is my best race spot. It is a place to relieve all my stress in one night. But, with a heavy hangover the next day. (3) Anywhere my friends are at. Friends are the most important thing in my life. I’m scared to be alone and having friends is the number one solution to it. I often have them come over to my place or often just go walk around the city with them. It makes me feel safe. 6. I’m currently expanding my community. Most of my friends are not born and raised here and I'd like to create an easy transition for kids to make a place like NYC their home. 7. HMU on my IG @seanozeki

TAKUYA HIRANO 1. Takuya Hirano 2. Before coming to New York, I was a carpenter in my hometown in Japan. Many of my friends in my hometown were craftsmen or blue-collar workers, and I have loved making things since I was a child, so it was very natural for me. 3. I am interested in applied arts and products, which I think are in between my experience in Japan and my current environment. 4. cordless tools (Makita), Japanese square (Shinwa Sokutei), clamp (Bessey) 5. (1) The Home Depot – In Japan, stores like The Home Depot are common, but in the U.S., thanks to the DIY culture that has taken root, there are many items that allow a much greater degree of freedom in making things than in Japan, which is very exciting. (2) E.A.K Ramen – This ramen is an IEKEI style ramen that originated in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, where I was born! It is not arranged in any strange way, so it has a very familiar taste! There are many IEKEI restaurants around Yokohama, so please visit them if you go to Japan. (3) The studio that I’m working at – This is where I spend the most time lol. 6. Right now, I'm building speakers and I would like to work on making furniture in soon future . 7. @tky___hrn___


ALUMNI continues to bridge the creative communities in New York through collaborative work. Thank you to the GOLDWOOD ARTWORKS collective and Ryuta Hironaga for sharing your world for the 2023 Spring/Summer lookbook.

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    Models: Meguru Yamaguchi, Hiroki Irie, Rihomi Sato, Sean Ozeki, Takuya Hirano
    Photographer: Ryuta Hironaga
    Creative Director: Ribo Azumaya
    Producer: Thomas Morris
    Assistant: Zigrid Plaza